Praveen Raja

Head of Health Tech/digital health, cognizant

Praveen’s passion is to develop, launch and scale innovative products and solutions to advance health at a global scale. Throughout his career, he has developed and led high-performing innovative teams across start-ups, large global corporations, and NGOs to deliver cutting-edge innovation that have achieved significant health impact. Across his roles, Praveen has developed strong partnerships across the health ecosystem with companies, academic and research institutions, NGOs, foundations, bilateral organizations and governments.

In his most recent role, Praveen served as Chief Operating Officer and VP of Technology Development & Market Introduction at PATH, a large, international NGO focused on solving global health challenges through innovation and partnerships. Praveen’s prior roles at Johnson & Johnson, Amgen, and Proteus Digital Health have encompassed innovation, product development and commercialization roles across medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and digital health. Prior to his industry roles, Praveen’s medical career included serving as the Chief of Behavioral Medicine at Kaiser Permanente as part of an effort to redesign primary care to integrate medical and psychosocial interventions, address social determinants of health, and delivering lower cost, personalized care that improved health outcomes.

Praveen’s academic background includes a Ph.D. from UCLA where he completed training as a clinical psychologist with a focus on behavioral medicine (integration of medicine and psychology) and served in research, teaching and clinical roles. In addition to his professional positions, Praveen has entrepreneurial experience as co-founder of a successful cloud-based medical software company and an education focused NGO that has built a K-12 school for underserved children in rural India. Praveen also serves on advisory boards of several global health technology accelerators.