Our Workstreams

Supply Chain Strengthening

Strengthen supply chains as needed to increase access to affordable quality assured NCD medicines & products (EMPs) in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).   

  • Improve forecasting and procurement for EMPs for NCDs in target countries  
  • Gather and strengthen data available at the national level to clearly define supply chain barriers to and solutions for increased availability of affordable EMPs for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes 
  • Build country level capacity around supply chain management for NCDs 
  • Support implementation and sustainability of in-country supply management initiatives, leveraging existing supply chain and funding initiatives in target countries. 

Financing and costing

Establish the Coalition’s role in increasing financing opportunities in countries to increase access to EMPs.  

  • Build the economic evidence to support inclusion of NCD treatment in UHC 
  • Define innovative financing models for NCD care in low-income countries to develop the ways and means to provide countries practical and feasible means of financing both procurement and distribution of NCD medicines and technology. 

Capacity Building

To achieve or exceed the World Health Organization (WHO) target of 80% availability of the affordable basic technologies and essential medicines, including generics, required to treat major noncommunicable diseases in both public and private facilities through health systems strengthening.  

  • Integrate NCD care into primary care platforms and provide technical support to advance integration of care for NCDs into primary care and community-based programs.  
  • Create enabling environment for NCD care and access to EMPs for NCDs 
  • Build capacity within health systems to support providing NCD care and access to EMPs for NCDs 


To increase access to, and availability of, affordable NCD Essential Medicines and Products (EMPs) through successful and coordinated advocacy. 

  • Amplify the evidence and work of the other workstreams by raising awareness of barriers to, and solutions for, availability of affordable EMPs and the role of non-State and State actors. 
  • Leverage global meetings on NCDs to secure strong global political commitments on availability and access for NCD EMPs. 
  • Build capacity at the national level to influence policy change to increase availability of affordable EMPs in the Coalition’s target countries.