According to WHO, chronic diseases are the cause of 35% of all deaths recorded each year in Cameroon. A survey conducted by the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBCHS) showed that the number of visits made to their health centers related to noncommunicable diseases increased by more than 40% between 2011 and 2015.  Following the recognition of the growing burden of disease and mortality caused by NCDs in Cameroon, the Ministry of Public Health established the Sub-Directorate for the Control of Chronic Non-communicable Diseases in 2013 and then moved forward to develop an integrated strategic plan for the control of NCDs.  The most recent action of government on Access to Medicines has been the signing of an MoU with the Novartis Access initiative to bring a portfolio of 15 NCD medications into the country that reach the patient at maximum 1.8 USD per treatment per month.  This system is run by the National Central Supply of Essential Medicines (CENAME) in collaboration with each Regional Special Fund for Health. 

The Cameroon Civil Society NCD Alliance (CACSNA) was formerly started in 2018 with a mission to ensure a Collective Voice for NCD Prevention and Control in Cameroon. The Alliance seeks to build consensus on issues related to NCD policies, convening and strengthening organizations to advocate at the local and national levels, and building capacity to create action and change across those sectors involved in NCD care across Cameroon.”